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2005, China

Air conditioning

Industry to open a new round of reshuffling storm, people see a viable business is cleaning, "old and sick" enterprises. According to the survey in 2005, air-conditioning industry


Gap between strong and weak, the first negative growth rate of domestic sales for the -32%, most brands have fallen sharply, but the export competitiveness in the

Galanz air conditioning

Has achieved a rare 100% growth rate.

05 8 1st, Galanz air conditioning in the history of China held the first annual meeting. In order to "change Galanz air conditioning for you," the theme of the annual meeting, Galanz Group President Liang Zhaoxian made, "Glanz air conditioning in 2006 the 'Year of China'", and air conditioning


Company requested a new frozen in the year, Galanz air conditioner market in China to "protect four war three." This remark, the industry outcry, the praise of a reputation, there are question: the face of numerous grappling twenty years old more than a dozen companies, Galanz air conditioning you what?

The reason why many high-quality airborne

miscues often than not, professional level is not high enough, but because of the new joining

Corporate Culture

The "inability to adapt." Air-conditioning industry as the most growth of the brand, Galanz air-conditioned to look forward to 2006, Galanz air conditioner market in China were more a matter of concern at the helm.

1 5, when the industry was still amazed at the Galanz hot light off-season conditioning myth writing, the Galanz Group gave Galanz air conditioner (China) Sales Corporation, a cardiac stimulant?? Gongzhi An took over as general manager.

Gongzhi An was Galanz


Elite known as the "Gong Ye." Promising youngster in his early thirties, how to say "Ye" generation called? First, because of his white hair young; Second, because of his training from the first marketing Galanz elite


; Third, because of his business experience and operational capabilities of household appliances are seasoned enough. Gongzhi An operations manager from a common microwave oven sales growth for the general manager of Galanz, during the 10 years, he witnessed the transformation Galanz, involved in the world championship Galanz microwave oven works. In 2005, Galanz microwave oven sales break 20 million units worldwide, including China sales up 47%, sales rose about 80%; through distribution channels of specialized division of labor, with a good strong chain of channel cooperation, Georgia Lan Shi microwave oven market share in China to upgrade to the historic 70%. Now, Gongzhi An air-conditioning sales company to take over the post of general manager, people, in Glanz is a logical thing.

Gongzhi An

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Leech advocate the spirit of


As a manipulator of the national market, Gongzhi An aware of the importance of learning and innovation, or have long been many good people than Galanz; but he also knows that to uphold and adhere to the


Importance. Glanz's corporate culture in which he had advocated "leech spirit" to uphold and adhere to represent.

Many people who grew up in the country have seen that the molluscs living in the water, if you give it any chance to close, this humble black bug will doggedly attached to your physical, bleeding until the bite. This sounds maybe some terrorist, but


Brutal market, not successful, is to wait for their complete failure, but such an outcome is probably more frightening.

Gongzhi An Galanz microwave oven has been asking the marketing people, we should put positive attitude, careful analysis of customer, market analysis, analysis of enemy strengths and weaknesses brand to seize the main contradiction, the most appropriate method, and the rest is to learn leech perseverance, perseverance. Promote blood-sucking leech's bite and suction ability, dedication impressed with the customer, so that God's tears.

It is this depth

bone marrow adhere to the spirit, let's decades of Galanz microwave oven, microwave oven in the world has to adhere the first place; This is Galanz Group appointed him general manager of office air conditioning sales company reason is the hope he can lead the industry into an air-conditioning



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Air China Galanz Helmsman

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