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Recently, the reporter saw in the market, a dedicated

New home

Renovated for use

Air conditioning

Products, listed soon in Beijing, Shanghai, Nanjing and other cities set off a wave craze. Behind in the craze, is this product unique "sense of the indoor air quality accurate and timely alarm signal" feature.

In the sales field, the reporter, he met members of the public Zhang Weidong. According to him, had just finished remodeling this year, new house, but inside the air pungent smell great, eyes red and swollen up. Listen to colleagues, this may be the decoration of formaldehyde, benzene and other harmful substances exceeding, the indoor air polluted.

Zhang Weidong can not judge the air inside of formaldehyde and other harmful substances are exceeded. He Environmental Protection Agency and environmental monitoring station to the city telephone consultation found that these organizations are not available to the general public indoor air environmental monitoring and detection


. He also look after the multi-market, also found no use for the general public the professional air

Environmental monitoring instruments




Air new home

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Recently, new subjects introduced in the domestic air-conditioning the first radar series of new products, build to solve the general public to understand and test the indoor air quality problems. According to the new head of Division conditioning Liu Qing said, this product using the world's leading-edge sensor technology environment. Refrigeration after opening the system can not only heat, but also auto-run "air radar" function, good or bad indoor air quality sensors in time for the formaldehyde, benzene and other decoration abnormally high sensitivity to harmful substances.



, The Wei-Dong Zhang Ke Leida see the air conditioning on the new product introduction, holding the mood to try a new store in air-conditioned booth Consulting Division. Purchasing Guide will be a prototype radar, air-conditioning is on, in the vicinity of the sensor device


The butane gas release, the indoor unit display in the red radar


Then beat, ventilation air conditioning began.

Zhang Weidong not too much to consider purchasing the two units for the new house new Ke Leida air conditioning, a


Installed in the living room, a hook installed in the bedroom, so that we can effectively monitor the new home of the air environment, through ventilation or window ventilation to resolve indoor air pollution, rest assured that new houses to live.

People did not Zhang Weidong Xu Mingchun such luck. As early as last year, Xu Mingchun good new home decoration, the family was the indoor air pollution by formaldehyde and other troubled, after the extensive investigation into multi-and having spent a few thousand requests a professional environment for testing the quality of institutions on the new home of the interior was detected The results show that moderate excessive formaldehyde, ranging from asthma, weight will be induced


And other diseases.

ST radar located in the new home dedicated air-conditioning products, is to see the market there's a big health opportunities. As ordinary people can not understand the newly decorated room, the air quality in the end what can not be easily detected on the indoor air quality. Hence, we have spawned a large number of health opportunities. Shinco air conditioning the first to overcome technological difficulties, the use of air conditioning function of the extension and expansion of out of competition in a differentiated way. In meeting the market demand and increase the new home living


Sense, but also gained a lot of money in economic benefits.

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Air Conditioner Market Jingxian New Home

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This article was published on 2010/09/11