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Air Conditioner Repair in Oklahoma City: 4 Useful Guidelines


Air conditioners are one of the most useful devices these days. They provide a relief from the scorching summer heat. However, like any device, they also tend to break down due to persistent use. Air conditioning repair is the only solution to such problems. Given are some air conditioner repair tips in Oklahoma City which will come in handy:

Air conditioner repair in Oklahoma City: Useful tips

Front Grill

Ensure that you remove the front grill before beginning with the repair procedure. Remove the front grill of the air conditioning unit. This is relatively an easy task. However, be careful as the casing might get damaged if you are not careful. You can pry it off with a knife. Use a screwdriver if the grill is screwed in place.

Unplug the Air Conditioner


Unplug the air conditioner completely from its place. Carefully, slide it out of the window cabinet. Place it on a sturdy table which can hold the weight of the unit. You will require additional assistance in this particular step. It is better you ask your friend or family member to help you in lifting the air conditioning unit.

Mesh Filter

This is the most common trouble-area. Locate the mesh filter which encompasses the radiator like fins. Carefully remove this filter and wash it in warm water. You should also wash it clean in soap water to remove obstinate mold or dust particles. Allow the filter to dry off completely.


Evaporator Coils


Ensure that you vacuum the evaporator coils. Use a brush attachment in this procedure. Stubborn dirt particles, if any, can be removed using a scrub brush.


Examine the Fins

Inspect the fins, located on the coils, thoroughly. Straighten the fins using a fin comb if you find them flattened. You can get a fin comb from any local appliance store. Place the air conditioner in the window and switch it on. Call an expert technician if it still does not function smoothly.

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Air conditioner repair Oklahoma City

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