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In the olden days, during the hot season, people used to cool themselves by using fans or by hanging woven mats with soaking in water across the windows or to their home entrances, which gives relief to some extent. But have to bear undesirable hot summers. The invention of air conditioners, enabled human to cool the room temperature to the extent as desired. Air Conditioning chandler is the process of cooling the room temperature through various means which involve cooling, heating and ventilation.


In 1902, the very first building to use the air conditioning units which cools and heats the air separately is The New York Stock Exchange. Later, the very first electrically run air conditioning unit was installed in printing plant by Willis Havilland Carrier. Apart from cooling the air, this unit also controls the humidity. In olden days, the air conditioning units are used in manufacturing units to control the humidity, thereby improve the products. This increases employee productivity. After several decades, in 1950s, automobiles as well as homes stated fitting air conditioning units.

 Air conditioners have a substance called refrigerant which cools the air by altering the temperature of the air. In the initial stages of development of the air conditioner, harmful gases like ammonia and methyl chloride are used as refrigerants.  Later, after several decades, a patented substance called Freon is used as refrigerant, which is safe for humans. But, Freon is harmful to the environment. Freon causes thinning of ozone layer, when it is released into atmosphere. All the air conditioners available today use this gas.

As Air Conditioning chandler became more popular, central air conditioning systems came into existence, which has the ability to cool the whole office or any building from a single central located unit. After world war-II, these are used extensively in homes.
Air Conditioning chandler, besides keeping the surroundings cool, has many more advantages. As it also controls the moisture, it is used in the industries to keep the air cool, clean and at the correct moisture. Air conditioning technology is used in deep diamond and gold mines in South Africa which enables the miners to work even in heat, thousands of feet below the ground. United States Space program has air conditioning in every part of it right from making missiles to tracking them through atmosphere.

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Air conditioners

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Air conditioners

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