Ductless Air Conditioning Systems Are A Better Option

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Ric Hendrickson, a residential sales manager at Patterson Heating and Air Conditioning in Charlotte and an HVAC specialist, says that window air conditioners are power hogs that use significantly more energy than central heating air conditioning systems, even though they dont put out nearly as much cool air.

Some people mistakenly think that installing a window air conditioner is going to be a better idea than going all the way and installing a whole house AC system. Unfortunately, they are wrong. Window air conditioners cause wood rot, they are loud and obnoxious. Not only do window air conditioners use the same amount of power as many of the whole house air conditioners, but they are only cooling one room. So you could be using the same amount of money and energy to cool the whole house instead.

Ductless Systems
For some homeowners, one of the most common reasons that they cant install whole house air conditioners is because they dont have any place for the ductwork to go. Luckily, there is an alternative for them to try. New ductless air conditioning systems are allowing homeowners in Charlotte to have HVAC systems installed without having to worry about duct installation.

In a room or home where ductwork simply cant be installed, there are systems called mini split air conditioners that can be put in place instead. These types of systems are most commonly installed in remodeled garages, where a solid cement floor and open ceiling may not be able to accommodate any special ducts being put in for a typical HVAC system.

The Installation
In short, ductless air conditioning systems utilize inside and outside equipment to cool any given room without having to put any duct work in through the ground or ceiling. Whether the home is having a traditional air conditioner or a ductless system installed, the process starts out the same.

Usually, I will begin the installation by measuring the home to determine what size air conditioner needs to be used, and then I will discuss possible fuel types with the homeownerwhether it will be gas or electric for the heat. After that, I will inspect the home and determine whether a ductless system is going to be the best option.

The Benefits
Ductless air conditioning systems have a number of benefits, starting with the fact that they are highly efficient and cost much less money to run than typical whole house air conditioning systemsand certainly less than window air conditioners.

While ductless systems are usually more expensive to install than regular whole house air conditioning systems, Charlotte homeowners who have ductless HVAC systems installed are eligible for a number of lucrative tax incentives that can help offset the initial cost. The ductless systems are very expensive compared to the duct-based systems, but they are very efficient and they wont cause the problems that window air conditioning units cause, so it evens out.

I commonly get calls from homeowners who are remodeling their garages and turning them into playrooms. The problem for these folksand the reason why regular HVAC systems might not work very well for themis that garages usually have concrete floor slabs and very shallow attic spaces, neither of which allow for ducts to be installed for the HVAC. Instead, these homeowners would most likely opt for ductless systems, also known as Mitsubishi systems.

In addition, if a homeowner lives in an architectural style house with cathedral ceilings, then he might also be able to benefit from a ductless system. Homes with cathedral ceilings tend to have no crawl space and no attic space, which makes installing a regular air conditioning system nearly impossible. So instead, I would use three mini split air handlers, which can be suspended from the ceiling or hung on a wall, and place them in three separate locations in the room. Then, I can put in one outdoor air conditioning unit to connect these three air handlers together.

These days, more and more homeowners choose to use ductless air conditioning systems, and there is no longer any reason why a homeowner needs to have a window air conditioner in place. I recommend that anyone who currently has a window air conditioner call a trusted HVAC company and find out if a ductless system could be a more cost-efficient option.

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Ductless Air Conditioning Systems Are A Better Option

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This article was published on 2010/10/19