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For Labour Day Golden Week promotion marked the 2010 air-conditioning,


Season officially kicked off the market. Information Times reporter visited the Guangzhou city



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Found in supermarkets and other appliances, energy-efficient air conditioning and 3, high-end multi-door refrigerators large popular these days, which, Hisense Air Conditioning 51 double-efficient 1


Ten-fold increase over the previous year, Yung Sheng Eifel series refrigerator sales were up over 200%.

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Better to sell

This year, Hisense, Kelon, Mitsubishi Electric air conditioner brand line are introduced many new products, which is selling the hottest new listings Hisense Fluorine DC mode

Inverter air conditioner


It is understood that Hisense dual-mode DC inverter air conditioner freon DC inverter air conditioner power than the average over 20%. As we all know, energy efficient inverter air conditioner has the advantage, but in fact it is early in the boot there are high power consumption problem, if the user each time the air-conditioning is not long, its energy-saving advantages can not play. For this problem, Hisense fluorine-free conversion in the most advanced dual-mode DC conversion based on innovative use of "golden frequency" and "green fluorine-free," and many other leading technology, the original "high power" and "long-lasting energy-saving" two operation mode, to solve the initial boot of ordinary power inverter air conditioner too high.

"Recognized than the fixed-frequency inverter air conditioner air power, but after I found after comparison mode Hisense inverter air conditioner freon air conditioning even more than high frequency, so once bought two." Consumers have said.

In addition,

Hisense Kelon

Guangzhou Branch responsible person also told reporters that during the period May 1, Kelon air a two-high energy efficient products rose nearly tenfold, its new "Generosity heaven" series of double-efficient air conditioning and even in Beijing, Shanghai and other cities to sell out of stock.

Continue selling high-end refrigerators

Refrigerator sales market as hot. This reporter recently visited found that 51 period, the volume sound, Hisense, Siemens, Haier and other front-line sales of the brand is growing, which allow sound Eifel series on the door, the high-end multi-door refrigerator sales up 200%; Hisense Awa Luo, Tai Anna Fashion refrigerator sales rose 80%.

It is understood that during the Golden Week on May 1, Yung-Sheng refrigerator in the country launched the "experience Eifel, taste of the original ecology" of large-scale experiential consumption activities, where the sound of the refrigerator to buy capacity, "Eifel", "original "series of products, can enjoy the experience of 60-day period to experience the period if not satisfied with the product can return. Hisense refrigerator is "upgrade price does not rise,"?? Launched the "Quality Hisense refrigerator universal storm" activities, consumers who buy Hisense selected products, in addition to preferential access to large amounts of cash, receive a high


At the same time enjoy bringing home appliances, TM to offer such subsidies.

Learned, super fresh, and energy saving features that make sales of capacity led the way acoustic refrigerator. Statistics show that in Yee, 1 December 2009, Yung Sheng refrigerator sales in the domestic market increased by 18.23 percent, an increase of 2.4 times higher than the industry average, which, in the three areas above the high-end refrigerators, Yung-Sheng market share increased by over 119% in 2008, an increase of retaining its position as the industry's first top five brands. 1 February 2010, Yung-Sheng refrigerator sales rose 44.68 percent, the top five brands in sales once again topped the list. In the three high-end refrigerator market, Yung Sheng refrigerator sales rose 335%, higher than the industry average increase of 3 times.
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This article was published on 2010/10/16