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2002 early spring, one never came to be known by people who called the SARS epidemic in China, land of rampant spread of atypical pneumonia caused by damage to the nation will always remain in people's memory. I would never think of air-conditioning industry after the SARS crisis has brought so much business, so-called health products like mushroom after another air-conditioning, business inevitably makes good business sense, but we should reflect on whether the HVAC sector, what is healthy air?

One split type air conditioners you can be healthy?

Produce so-called air-conditioning business most of the health promotion of new technologies used their products are healthy air, healthy air about the so-called technology of the following:

1. The return air filter processing

About such technologies, activated carbon, cold catalyst, photocatalyst, etc., would enhance the return air handling, but the difficulties and the use of renewable sorbent short period, the actual use of little effect.

2. Anion, ozone generator technology

Nature forest or waterfall negative ions on human health is unquestionable, but high voltage field generated negative ions on human health benefits of how much there is no convincing evidence. But the negative ion generator pollution caused by static electricity is very clear.

Some air conditioners increased by ozone generator, ozone concentrations slightly detrimental to human health but, more than the limit value, even life-threatening. The process of the formation of ozone, only 10% of the energy for the formation of ozone, the rest of the energy is converted to heat, no doubt the technology has caused a waste of energy. Can ozone generator air conditioner settings, manufacturers cautious.

3. Antimicrobial, enzyme HEPA, CATECHINES plant extracts Technology

So-called anti-bacterial air filter only has an antibacterial effect on the doping of some metals, these metal ions migrate to the surface of the filter can be an antimicrobial agent, bactericidal effect. Other filter on a fixed number of enzymes used to sterilization, but the air through filters usually contain a lot of dust, the filter surface layers of active ingredients to be covered in a short time, it is difficult to play the role of antimicrobial sterilization.

Technologies listed above, without exception, are used in split air conditioner air return processing. With the rapid growth of China's economic strength and the continuous improvement of living standards, residential structure, solid, airtight doors and windows increase infiltration by maintaining the structure of the exchange of air has been more difficult. Split type room air using a long-term closed loop interior, resulting in serious deterioration of indoor air quality, and some surveys report: windows and doors closed in the 10-square-meter room, 3 indoor reading (no smoking), 3 hours after the carbon dioxide has increased by 3 times the amount of bacteria increased 2-fold, an increase of nearly 9 times more dust.

Doors and windows closed in the single bedroom the next morning the concentration of carbon dioxide over 3500PPM, double occupancy bedroom concentrations of carbon dioxide over 4500PPM, lack of increase in carbon dioxide as oxygen, heart rate, respiration and blood circulation should be reduced but not reduced to the proper speed, especially in parts of the brain in hypoxia in the morning unable to feel whole body aches. After a period of inhalation of fresh air after a walk outside to get relief.

If your workplace is also the installation of split type, then one day about 20 hours to live in the so-called air-conditioned room, people in such a closed environment similar to live, work, or entertainment, if smokers swallowing spit fog, it will have carbon monoxide, nicotine and other toxic substances affect human health. It is noteworthy that the so-called health technology can not solve the environmental pollution cited in this article. Long-term conditions to live in this environment of people is the high incidence of cardiovascular disease group. Here have not yet involved as decoration, furniture, pollution caused by formaldehyde. The best way to solve the above pollution is the right amount of ventilation and the introduction of fresh air, positive ventilation to solve indoor environmental pollution is the most effective method.

2, split type air conditioners are not functional qualified

Air machine or air conditioner is capable of regulating air temperature, humidity, air speed, freshness function of the machine, most of the market can only be called split type air conditioner. Split type is a function not qualified air conditioning! Qualified air conditioner should be able to send a new wind of air conditioners. Split type of emergence and spread the blame in the business, consumer, consumer awareness and consumption level of responsibility is clear.

Fortunately, some of our media are also aware of the seriousness of indoor air pollution. Xinhua Beijing on Dec. 26 (Xinhua Zhang Duo) for: indoor air pollution: modern man entered a "period of the third pollution"; a more journalist for the split type of all the new tactics that deal with indoor air pollution: air pollution, careful selection governance often the most efficient ventilation windows, Xinhua Zhengzhou Dec. 26 (Xinhua Guo Jiuhui); how actively the introduction of fresh air through the dilution of indoor pollution sources of air pollution to protect human health, thus we may re-submit a new wind of this heavy topic.

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Health And Qualified Air Conditioner Air Conditioner Of The R & D

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This article was published on 2010/10/12