How to Cool Your Home During Summer

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So summer is just round the corner and you have to be prepared for the long and hot days that will inevitably be present during this season. The usage of air conditioning is something which does not need further discussion but you have to bear in mind some other alternative ways of cooling so you can reduce the power bills during the summer months.

Here are a couple of suggestions which will be beneficial for you and your home in the hot days:

  • Ceiling Fan

If you want to reduce the expenses during the summer you are advised to buy a ceiling fan. In comparison with the air conditioner the fan does not possess the ability to lower the temperature significantly but it helps with the circulation of the air and also makes the atmosphere in the room more pleasant and comfortable. Another positive side of the ceiling fan is the price. It is far more cheap than the air conditioner and also the energy which it consumes is less.

  • Night Time Ventilation

It is a well-known fact that during the summer time nights are cooler in comparison with the heat during daytime. If you desperately want to invite the cooler air in your home at nights you are advised to leave your windows at home open as much as you can. By doing this you will dissolute the heat that was generated during the entire day. This suggestion will help you in having a more resting and pleasant night during summer months.

  • The Color of Your Roof

If you want to reduce the heat in your home a good decision that will be of real help to you is to paint your roof in light color. By making this step your roof will reflect the heat and the sunlight away from your roof top and therefore it will be cooler at your place.

  • The Use of Plants

The basic purpose of the plants is to absorb the light which comes form the sun and convert it into energy. In addition to this well-known fact plants also release a certain amount of water in the air during the process of photosynthesis and therefore they cool the hot air in the room. When you have at your disposal a large number of plants you guarantee yourself a cooler home accomplished in a natural way. It is very helpful if you have large tree near your house because it can add shade upon your home and this will result in less usage of your air conditioning system.

  • Protect and Maintain Your AC

You have to make the cleaning of your air conditioner a regular task if you want to use it as long as possible. You need to clean the vents from all the dirt and grime so the air conditioner can operate at its full potential. If you perform this task often you can guarantee to yourself and to your home that there will be more cooler days in the summer.

If you use the assistance of builders in coulsdon you will achieve your goal. They will take care of the tasks like changing the color of your roof and installing ceiling fan and the rest of it is up to you so don't waste any more time, just act.

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How to Cool Your Home During Summer

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How to Cool Your Home During Summer

This article was published on 2013/07/24