Installed to target consumers are most concerned about air conditioning - air conditioning sales, air conditioning installation - household appliances

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rising temperatures driven Air conditioning Sales of the surge, it is learned that the weekend sales of medium and large electrical one-day break 10 000 air conditioning units, the highest capital

Home Appliances New record store. Summer to buy air conditioners, consumers would wish to be able to instantly buy the cool breeze blowing on the response to this urgent need, medium and large electrical solemn promise?? The audience to install air conditioning in one step delivery, air-conditioning installed today to buy the next day.

"Special urgency for the customer installation requirements, particularly the elderly at home with children. Dazhong also joint US's so air-conditioning manufacturers, for consumers who lives Wuhuanyinei introduced a" buy the morning, afternoon loading "of the quick activities. "Zhaorui Jie, general manager of Dazhong Electronics, said quick

Service Greatly facilitate the special needs of consumers. At the same time this is now a nationwide "fastest" of the air-conditioning installation commitments.

As shopping traffic surge, it will be medium and large electrical appliances shop in air-conditioned tower busy Purchasing Guide is broken. Normal day to sell 50 air-conditioned, and now sell more than 300 a day. Invoice, fill orders, send gifts, each action must be completed within 6 minutes, but the high intensity of work and did not reduce the large and medium quality of service. "We sell air conditioning, the hope is that day. The biggest problem is not

Sell Is fully satisfied customer installation needs. In this regard, we will do very detailed with customer communication to ensure that air-conditioning installation faster and better. "

Install air conditioning because of its technical expertise into the consumer's "heart problems", but also reflect the service differentiation into a business breakthrough. According to general manager of Dazhong Zhao Ruijie introduction, medium and large air-conditioning sales for this year, will introduce the "get loaded one" service, breaking the previous delivery and installation of air conditioning industry to the traditional model in two, Ji Song is to the installation and enjoy the step place of service, improve its efficiency even more consumers to save valuable time. Compared to other firms in the capital, "a delivery, an installation of" two-step service, medium and large electrical air conditioning aftermarket advantages are clear. "Especially in the air conditioning season, the golf on the matter to install. Services to consumers more satisfied with sales of more natural."

As the capital's most powerful air conditioning store, medium and large air conditioning industry has the largest after-sales service team, the people's professional installation staff, all specially trained professional technicians. Strong technical support and training mechanisms, the absolute peak season for air conditioning service to ensure the efficient large and medium run. "Our efforts in the sale and ready to sell in these days when the outbreak has played a good role, a very positive consumer evaluation, greatly enhanced the image of large and medium after-sales service, forming a medium and large air-conditioning sales market in the heart of competition force. people's word of mouth is the best to our trophy. "Zhao Ruijie confidence on the medium and large air-conditioning service.

It is understood that in recent days large and medium air conditioning sales surged 300% year over year, with quick cooling function of the strong

Energy , Mute and other advantages of the DC

Inverter air conditioner

In particular, popular these days, among which 2P, 3P Guiji and 1.5P hang up the hottest. "At present, large and medium sources have all been in place, fully capable of ensuring an adequate supply of the Beijing market, so that consumers enjoy a cool summer." Zhao Ruijie that consumers can rest assured that the side nearest the medium and large shopping stores.

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Installed to target consumers are most concerned about air conditioning - air conditioning sales, air conditioning installation - household appliances

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Installed to target consumers are most concerned about air conditioning - air conditioning sales, air conditioning installation - household appliances

This article was published on 2010/09/29