Is Your Home Ready to Beat the Heat?

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It's springtime in Australia and it's the perfect time to install or update a split system air conditioning unit in your home. Before the hot weather of a Brisbane Summer kicks in, take advantage of the air conditioning options available on the Gold Coast and have your home ready for the heatwave!

A split system air conditioner is a highly efficient and cost-effective way to cool your living area, combining an inside cooling unit, or units to cool several rooms, with an outside condenser unit to provide the cool air you need at a price you can afford, in a way that is environmentally friendly. This allows for efficient cooling of the inside of your home, just one room if you prefer, or several rooms at once, and that will feel wonderful this summer when temperatures soar. Some systems combine air conditioning with a heat pump to help keep your home temperatures comfortable during the winter months as well. All of the split system air conditioners are designed to give quiet, energy efficient and dependable cooling to your home.

There are several special options available to consider when you are purchasing your split system air conditioning system. One is the installation of air or allergy filters, so that the ducts through which your cooled air flows can also cleanse the inside your home of air-borne irritants. For those with breathing or allergy problems, air filters can be a very helpful and healthy choice.

Another option for your air conditioner vents would be art covers, with which you can choose a decorative screen for your air vents that would blend in with your interior design or provide a creative contrast. There are many different colors and types of screens to select from to suit your taste and decor, and to give a stylish and sleek design to your home.

A third option when you are considering which split system air conditioner would be best for your family would be Jet Cool technology, available in many split system air conditioners, designed to disperse cooled air at a much faster rate of speed. A Jet Cool split system air conditioner releases comfortable air into your living space 20% faster than similar units.

Ask your installer for more information on any of these special options available for your air conditioning unit. There are many trusted companies in Brisbane when it comes to split system air conditioners. The best company will be able to offer exactly what the customer deserves - top notch services. Many of the companies offer same-day services and do not mind giving free quotes.

Your family deserves the comfort of air conditioning in a Brisbane Summer! Contact your local air conditioning electrician today.


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Is Your Home Ready to Beat the Heat?

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Is Your Home Ready to Beat the Heat?

This article was published on 2013/10/12