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in Air-conditioner

"I bought a Mitsubishi in June

Air conditioning

, Installed, noisy, the room can not sleep. "Yesterday (July 2, 2009), Fung scored


Phone reflect


Workers say the door just listen to the voices of normal hearing.

Lived Kaixuan of Fung on June 13 this year, bought a model MSZ-ZD12VA of Mitsubishi Electric air conditioning, the price is 5930 yuan.

6 15, Mitsubishi Electric door staff to install air conditioning. "May be affected by other noise during the day," Mr Fung was switched tried it and found no problems.

To the evening, Mr. Fung was found open air indoor unit abnormal noise. "I open to the Si Dang wind speed, the indoor unit will be issued when winds scratched windows 'whirring' sound, the evening was quarrel was no way to sleep." Fung think the quality of air conditioning problems.

So Fung in touch with


Mitsubishi Electric air conditioning aftermarket shop?? Hangzhou Mujie air conditioning installation, maintenance, Ltd., reflecting the noise problem.

6 16, the repair company sent home inspection Fung air-conditioning. "They said no problem just listened." Fung for this sale


Difficult to accept.

"6 17, the company's maintenance man brought a new machine to test, find and send the same old indoor voice." Fung said.

6 22, Mr. Fung got the air conditioning installation and maintenance, Ltd. Hangzhou Mujie information note read, "the voice is still measured by air conditioning the same as the original on the wall, so I think the air conditioner sound company is the normal range within. "

"May also have problems on both the indoor unit, how could they so easily to conclusions." Fung feel this letter, however detection.

Since then, Mr Fung turn instructions, find the model air-conditioned indoor noise reference is "cooling: high-speed 43 db, low 26 db."

"There is no air-conditioning problem, as long as the noise measurement instruments have not exceeded this standard will know. They can give me a test data, I will be convinced of. But now they only listen with our ears is said normal. "Fung said.

Mitsubishi Electric Service: Air conditioning is not the problem,

Only individual differences in ability to withstand the noise

Yesterday afternoon, air-conditioning installation and maintenance, Ltd. Hangzhou Mujie relevant person in charge Mr Chen said they saw Fung home air-conditioning, but no relevant test reports and noise data. Their maintenance personnel to use their experience to judge. As for the instruments to measure the noise, which they where not. Other maintenance companies do not have such testing equipment.

Since then, Mitsubishi Electric Air Conditioning Service Center Mr Wang said that their air conditioning does not have problems, product design, quality in line with national standards, there is a corresponding inspection certificate. However, the capacity of consumers of individual differences in the actual use of air-conditioning process, there may be some people can not stand the noise. Fung could not bear to put forward such requests can be returned to. However, to identify product quality issues requires testing by third-party authority, issued by the appropriate proof.

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Mitsubishi Noisy Air

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