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Wars have been started, all kinds of new products, new service promises dazzling propaganda. But the reporters found that people in


The mistaken appear when air-conditioning, must be addressed.

Ignored energy efficiency is not a misunderstanding accounts to save money

Implemented since the national standards for energy efficiency, people buy air conditioning products after the products have energy efficiency as


The deciding factor.

Five Star

Lee Air Ministry that the same brand same type of air conditioning, because the energy efficiency of the different prices may be four or five hundred dollars difference. As different families use different frequencies for air conditioning, consistent with national energy efficiency standards in the purchase of products under the premise of clever choice of different energy efficiency of air conditioning has become a major skills, such as buying products with high energy efficiency ratio, although higher prices but carefully, with further calculations, the use may save more money.

To a domestic brand to make a comparison of the two products, two different types of air conditioning, energy efficiency ratio were 3.42 and 2.92, respectively, the input power is 760 watts and 890 watts, the price difference is about 500 yuan . Use 100 days per year, 12 hours per day, 0.55 yuan per kWh electricity operator, then the year can save electricity: (890-760) × 12 × 100 × 0.55 ÷ 1000 = 85. 8 yuan, air-conditioning is generally 6-8 years of life, the total savings in electricity could -686.4 514.8 yuan per. However, some families only one year before the hottest hours of air conditioners, it is not necessary to choose a high energy efficiency of products.

Errors are determined by two bolts under the number

Consumers to buy air time is the most frequently asked word "air-conditioning cooling out good," in fact cooling effect is good or bad, in addition to the quality of air itself, but also by the room's actual use of space, environment and facilities,


Design decisions. According to the size of houses, consumers can rely on 100-130 watts per square meter of housing area per hour, subject, select the appropriate air-conditioned room. General household refrigeration and air conditioning for a 12-square-meter room, a heating air conditioning for the 10-square-meter room; cooling is 1.5 for the 20 square meter air-conditioned rooms, heating of being 1.5 Air conditioning horses for 16 square meters room.

However, size alone is not enough housing, consumers should carefully consider when to buy air-conditioning other environmental factors, such as housing, good or bad thermal insulation, sealing it well, window size and orientation, whether sun roof, etc..

Mistakes three new concept of blind obedience to



Air conditioning manufacturers in an increasingly competitive market situation, one after another in a variety of concepts, terminology made a big fuss,




Propaganda cover the whole market. These are known as producers of high value-added products in the price of your naturally than ordinary air conditioning.

Lack of air conditioning because of health standards

, air conditioning manufacturers whether their value-added information beyond the standard hard to say. When consumers purchase air-conditioning should be taken into account the economic cost and their ability to buy or spend a bunch of "fancy" features, not much useful.

Four Mistakes

brand, price is not re-installed

Buy air time, consumers care about brand, energy efficiency and other factors, are generally more concerned about whether the cheap price, but few take the initiative to ask at the time of purchase and installation of air conditioning situation. Currently on the market outside the installation team consists of


And businesses install their own ranks. Outsourcing refers to the so-called air-conditioning installation work to a number of "guerrilla", compared to some merchants introduced stringent installation specifications, with a professional installation team.

Consumers to buy air conditioning before, pay attention to know whether there is a strict business installation specification, installation personnel are sufficient, as far as possible to reputable businesses in order to avoid disputes.
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This article was published on 2010/09/12